Jonas C

Dr. Phil Ip helped me recover from back and neck pain due to a car accident that happened at the beginning of 2017. His treatments helped tremendously with my back pain and reduced my neck pain. I’ve been seeing Dr. Ip years occasionally before the accident for minor back pain due to sitting and bad habits.

About a year ago I switched over to Dr. Harriet Lee for maintenance and my neck pain has gotten better through her from her adjustments, stretches and exercises. I no longer have any issues with my back and my neck pain is minimal.

Recently, I started seeing Likai Yao for Acupuncture treatments to improve my wellness. So far it’s very effective. My energy has improved and I’ve lost some weight through herbs that she’s prescribed specific for my condition.

Overall, the professionals at Active Integrative Health played an important role in helping maximize my health and wellness. I stand more upright effortlessly with no pain and have more energy.